Our History:
Answering a Need

Owner Builder Loans, Office

Owner Builder Loans, LLC is family-owned, operated, and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our company was conceptualized through an observation of how other lenders were uninterested in assisting those who sought to help themselves, owner builders. Our founder was an Owner Builder himself years ago and utilized his knowledge of the construction process and his experience in the financial services industry to create a custom-tailored loan program to suit the needs of do-it-yourselfers.

With over 40 years of owner builder construction lending experience, the Owner Builder Loans team is uniquely qualified to help our borrowers avoid the perils and pitfalls of home building.

We have assisted over 3,000 Owner Builders successfully build dream homes, vacation homes, or investment properties.

Our Product:
Build Your Own Home, Your Way

couple building their own home using our construction loan

Having assisted over 3,000 owner builder projects, our construction loan has evolved to fit the specialized needs of both inexperienced and experienced do-it-yourselfers. Use our construction loan to finish construction which has already been started or to build from the ground up. Unlike many other lenders, we do not sell other building-related materials or services that we then require you to buy in order to obtain a loan with us. Simply put, you are the builder, we are the lender.

Our construction loan can be used for conventional, kit or log home construction financing, and it allows you to self-build or hire a contractor to build your home. Additionally, borrowers can take up to 12-months to complete their homes and during that time they pay only monthly interest on the loan funds which they have drawn. If you finish early, great! We do not charge pre-payment penalties. If you find that you need additional time, we offer 3-month extensions to those who qualify.

To find out more, please call us at 800-543-5600. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. You may also email us at any time or use our Chat Now feature when a representative is available.

Our Mission:
Partnering to Build Dreams

man using owner builder construction loan to build own home - basement

At Owner Builder Loans, LLC, our mission is to empower borrowers to get the most out of their homebuilding experience. Whether your goal is to save on traditional building costs or to simply have increased control over the building process, our loan enables you to do it.

We have minimized the hurdles that traditional financing forces borrowers to navigate while still maintaining certain safeguards to ensure you don’t install a toilet without having the necessary plumbing first.

To streamline your borrowing experience, the mortgage banker you work with from the point of application will be your personal loan adviser throughout the whole loan. This saves you the trouble of having to navigate company directories and explaining your situation over and over again to get assistance with your loan.

Building a home yourself can be enough of a headache. Financing your home construction shouldn’t be a part of that. Discover the Owner Builder Loans difference. Apply for an Owner Builder Loans construction loan today and join the thousands of others who we have partnered with to build dreams.

The Easiest and Most Flexible Construction Loan Available!

You want to build your home, your way, and we want to help you do it! We empower you to design your own home, hire the subcontractors you want, and purchase the materials you want. Building a home is a big project! Don’t choose a lender that will add to the headache. Choose Owner Builder Loans!

If you have any questions or want to know more about our residential construction loan program for owner builders, please call us at 800-543-5600. We are here to help!