How Smart Does Your House Have to Be?

Technology advances are making our homes 'tech savvy' by allowing us to run our homes remotely from a Smartphone, PC or tablet. You can set up individual home automation components or you can tie all components together in a whole-house solution. But before you get lost in the host of products on the market you need to understand a little bit about the technology behind the systems. Home Automation Technology There are many competing home automation standards for both hardware and software that allow you to remotely control your home’s security system, lighting, climate control, appliances, and consumer electronics.You will need to determine which platform your will use so that all your controls and automation sub-systems are compat...

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Green Homes and Sustainable Construction Practices

The buildings we live in protect us from nature's extremes, but they also affect our health and the environment. Sustainable, or Green, Building is the use of healthier and more resource-efficient building construction, operation, and maintenance practices. Here are a few resources for the owner builder who wants to explore green building options. Renewable Energy ENERGY.GOV - Planning for Home Renewable Energy Systems: This article offers an excellent overview of sustainable energy options for residential construction and renovation. It includes links to more detailed descriptions of the different alternative energy options.DSIRE.ORG - Renewable Energy Incentives and Policies in the Unites States:  Each state and community has its o...

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Making your new house a home.

At Owner Builder Loans, we specialize in residential construction loans. We do not sell blue prints, materials, labor or advice. We just have the easiest, most flexible construction loan available for conventional, kit or log home construction financing.

From time to time we come across information that we think may be of interest to people who are planning to build their own home. The information and links listed here are provided as a resource.

We hope you find them helpful.