Exceptional Service! Thank You

"Working with Miles and Owner Builder Loans was a very positive experience for us when building our home.  They truly know the meaning of "customer service" and were always attentive to our questions or concerns.  I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to build their own home."

Owner Builders, Tom and Nancy
Churubusco, IN

construction loan testimonial
consrtruction loan program testimonial

Goes Above and Beyond

"I started out building the first house for myself, but before it was even completed I had people offering to buy it. Being a single guy, how could I pass that up? I finished one house last November and am just starting on another one. The folks at Owner Builder Loans have been nothing but good to me. They are happy to go out of their way to help."

Owner Builder, S.H.
Lincoln City, OR

Financing Flexibility

"It's just good business. The home construction loans from Owner Builder Loans gave us the financing flexibility we needed. There’s been a lot to learn, but with help from our family and friends plus a great working relationship with the staff at Owner Builder Loans, we should be able to move into our new home by Christmas."

Owner Builders, S.L and J.L.
Monroe, MI



More Highs and Lows than a Roller Coaster

“When we couldn't find the house we wanted, we decided to build it ourselves. After learning about the loan program, I recognized a great opportunity and grabbed it. It has been a wild ride with more highs and lows than a roller coaster. High marks to Cathy at Owner Builder Loans. She answers all our questions and keeps the checks coming right on time. We have been able to pay contractors immediately and motivate them to complete projects more promptly.”

Owner Builders, D.T. and K.T.
Bay City, MI

You Make It so Easy

"Thank you for another easy-to-close construction loan for my clients. You make it so easy for them to build their own home - their way. My clients tell me they never have any issue with their draws and you handled everything with such professionalism and support! They are thrilled and so am I."

Mortgage Broker, J.R.
Bloomfield Hills, MI


So Glad We found You

"I had searched for months trying to find owner builder financing and was told 'no' so often that I almost gave up. I am so glad we found you guys. I can't thank you enough for helping us build our dream home. Your draw process was great. It was so easy and we were able to keep things moving and on time. No small feat! Thank you again for making our dream possible. We love our house!"

Owner Builder, P.T.
Northport, MI


Helping Us Finish Construction

"It seemed like a good idea when we started construction on our new house with our own money. We had no idea that financing could be a problem. We were well into the project when we started looking for a loan to finish construction. I really started to worry when every lender we talked to said no. When a broker friend recommended your loan program - we were so relieved. You guys have a great program and a great team. We want to say a sincere THANK YOU for helping us finish our house."

Owner Builders, M.H. and C.H.
Prescott, AZ


Easiest Draw System Ever

"Their draw system is the easiest I've ever found and they offer increases and extensions."

Construction Industry Expert and Author, C.H.

A Real Asset for the Owner Builder

"The construction draw program is a real asset for the owner builder. It gave us excellent leverage in minimizing our building costs. Plus everyone at Owner Builder Loans tried to make the entire process from orientation to closing as simple as possible which we really appreciated."

Owner Builders, D.M and B.M.
Pleasant Ridge, MI

construction loan testimonial

Time is Money

"Time really is money, especially when you have a dream and you're building it yourself. It is all about the loan and having flexibility, buying power and control. This loan is a piece of cake. Whenever I need a draw, I make a request and the check arrives in a couple of days."

Owner Builder, M.K.
Toledo, OH

Friendly and Flexible - You Made It Easy

"We expected the construction loan process to be very difficult. Owner Builder Loans proved to be just the opposite. Their staff was very friendly and quite flexible to work with. Thank you for helping us build our dream home."

Owner Builders, R.M and J.M.
West Bloomfield, MI

construction loan testimonial


construction loan testimonial

Local Banks Turned Me Away,
Owner Builder Loans Did Not!

"I had spent a year attempting to secure construction financing from local banks . As soon as I brought up the concept of owner builder I was turned away. Research turned me to Owner Builder loans, and I was pleasantly surprised. The application and pre approval was efficient. Whenever I had a question someone returned my call promptly and there was little to no delay with their draw system. I would encourage anyone attempting to be an owner builder and in need of financing to give owner build loans a call."

Owner Builders, P.S.
Flagstaff, AZ

We Saved Money

"Owner Builder Loans allowed our dream home to become a reality. We saved money by ordering draws only when they were finally needed. Having this money immediately available allowed us to negotiate the very best in prices from our suppliers and subcontractors. Thank You."

Owner Builder, I.J. and P.J.
Marietta, GA

consrtruction loan program testimonial
log home loan

Building a Quality Log Home

"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed we were working with your team. Your loan program made it possible for us to act as owner-builders, something the local banks were not willing to do. Plus, your unlimited draw system helped us to build a quality log home on time and on budget. It was a real pleasure working with you. If we ever decide to build again, we would choose Owner Builder Loans - without hesitation."

Owner Builders, J.R. and C.R.
Tabernash, CO

All My Questions Were Always Answered

"Owner Builder Loans allowed our dream home to become a reality. We saved money by ordering draws only when they were finally needed. Having this money immediately available allowed us to negotiate the very best in prices from our suppliers and subcontractors. Thank You."

Owner Builders Julie and Robert
Peidmont, AL


construction loan testimonial
Owner Builder Construction Loan Testimonial Alabama

Your Construction Loan Helped Us To Finish Construction

"We could tell you really cared about us and our project. Thank you so much! We could not have finished construction of the home without you!"

Owner Builders, Al and Martha,
Hanceville, AL


You Helped Us When No One Else Could

"We were determined to build our own log home, but the banks would not finance us as owner builders. Owner Builder Loans provided us with a construction loan and made our dreams come true. We had absolutely no hassles and our checks were always on time. We give your program an excellent rating."

Owner Builders, W.K. and C.K.
Attica, MI




Attn: Arizona, Colorado
and Michigan
Owner Builders
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